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Prinsip Bisnis SSK
  • Utamakan Keselamatan dan Nol Izai
  • Mengukir Level SQCD
  • Pelayanan dan kepuasan pelanggan

Kebijakan Perusahaan:

PT. Super Steel Karawang akan mensuplai berbagai macam produk baja dengan kualitas Tinggi, pengiriman

dan pelayanan yang Baik. melalui jaringan Toyota Tsusho Corporation dan Sumitomo Corporation. Kami

percaya kami akan dapat berkontribusi untuk pertumbuhan pelanggan kami dan negara.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation / Company Philosophy:
    〈Philosophy / Vision | Toyota Tsusho (toyota-tsusho.com)〉

    Sumitomo Corporation / Company Message:
      〈Corporate Message | Sumitomo Corporation〉


      Goals and milestones we should reach as we continue pursuing and realizing our fundamental philosophy.


      To support our shareholders, clients, local communities, employees, and everyone else around the world in their endeavors to achieve economic and spiritual prosperity and realize their dreams through our sound business activities. We also maintain—throughout our business practices—a unique management style that respects the personality of each individual and places prime importance on integrity and sound management, which represent the essence of Toyota Tsusho Corp. Business Philosophy, while cherishing a corporate culture that allows each employee to take the initiative and demonstrate creativity that is conductive to continuous reform and innovation.